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It’s easy to make claims, but the work will alway speaks for itself. Two decades of successful performance are testimony to the claims of J. Parker Painting.  We believe that when it comes to work, a recommendation is more worth than any brochure or advertisement. As the founder Jason Parker believes, it is the work experience that you gain and the service experience that you give to your clients which is what matters the most in business.

As the meaning of painting has changed over time, is becoming more and more important to paint a place according to its purpose. In a time when the goal of painting is much more than protecting your walls, there must be somebody who adds that warmth and endurance to your walls. J. Parker Painting Services have been painting Australia for two colourful decades now. We, one of the premier Dulux accredited painting services, don’t just paint; we believe in coating our work with layers of preparation, cleanliness as well as an environmental concern that makes us a holistic service. With sophisticated equipment and know-how, we strive to change to the way painting is seen. Painters Wilston.  painters wilston

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